Clearing Gardening Waste

Have you given your garden a re-design and are now left with a huge amount of gardening waste? Don’t stress about the mess left, we can help you clear it all away.

If you have a busy lifestyle and not enough time to clear the garden waste yourself then do not worry. Here at Junk Monsters we have a committed team of junk removal experts who can deal with all kinds of waste and junk, including garden waste. We will be able to do all the work for you in terms of clearing the site. Clearing junk yourself can be far too difficult with such little time and a small car. Let us worry about the heavy lifting and the health & safety - you can carry on with your day without any interruptions or complications.

We offer a wide range of domestic and commercial services including house clearance, decluttering, basement clearance, garage clearance, shed clearance, DIY waste clearance, office clearance, retail waste, property development, landlord services and many more. With any sort of junk that you need removing, we’ll be more than happy to assist and take it off your hands. It may be junk to you, but we always look at junk as an opportunity to recycle it and use it for other reasons. If we can’t then we will dispose of it safely and in an eco-friendly manner.

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