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Did you do some gardening back in the summer but still haven’t got around to clearing the garden waste away? We understand that life gets in the way sometimes, but at the moment it is probably the weather getting in the way. You can rely on our garden waste collection service here at Junk Monsters – we’ll help you whatever the weather.

People often struggle to deal with junk or garden waste simply because of the huge amounts of effort it can take. Depending on the amount of the junk, trips back and forth to the dump is exhausting, and people want to relax after work and on the weekend. This leaves you with the constant dilemma of when to clear the junk. The answer ultimately is that there is no good time to try and clear the junk; but this is why we’re here – to help you.

Our service is quick and effective. We’re fully equipped and very experienced with removing junk and garden waste. We have been known to improve the appearance of many gardens by not only removing the garden waste, but also tidying up after ourselves. We want our service to make a difference, and this willingness is reciprocated by our committed team.

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