Help With Unwanted Junk

Do you need some help getting rid of some junk? Maybe you’re decluttering the attic prior to moving, or perhaps a relative has died and you’re clearing out their house. Whatever the reason, if you need junk or rubbish removing on a fairly large scale, and you don’t fancy making 50 trips to the municipal dump yourself, then you might want to give Junk Monsters a call.

They can help with house clearances, basement clearance, garage or shed clearances, decluttering your loft or attic, remove waste from the garden or from a major DIY project, or even collect single items for disposal if they’re just too big to take by car, such as large items of furniture. They are flexible about how much junk they’ll remove, with prices being by the quarter lorry-load. A quarter load costs from £108 and will take about 30 minutes to clear and remove. A half-load costs from £186 and will take about an hour. A three-quarter load is £234, and takes about 90 minutes, and a full load costs from £282 and will take about two hours to load and clear.

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