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Have you looked in your loft recently? Probably not. It's not a place most of us go, except when we either need to store something, or we're looking for something that we put away about ten years ago, but suddenly need urgently. The only other time we go into the loft is when we're moving house, and we need to clear it out. And by then, what you really need more than anything else is someone to help you remove all the junk. In fact, a loft clearance company.

Junk Monsters provide help clearing away your unwanted junk, and carrying out eco-friendly waste management services. You can book a whole or part-lorry load, with prices ranging from 108 for a quarter load, which takes about half an hour, through 186 for a half-load, taking about one hour, and 234 for a three-quarter load, to 282 for a full load, which takes about two hours. They are happy to help with full house clearances, loft, shed, basement or garage clearances, as well as removing garden waste, or waste left over from a DIY project. They will also take away single items such as old beds or wardrobes.

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